Probiotic Acidophilus: What You Don’t Know

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Dietary Supplements With Acidophilus

There are tons of nutritional supplements containing probiotics. While all of them are intended to help improve digestion, ease occasional intestinal ailments, and support immune health, not all of them are efficient in delivering results. What many are not aware of is that these live micro-organisms are very delicate organisms that require appropriate handling to maintain their potency.

It is important to note that bacterial organisms lose their viability over time at room temperatures hence you will notice that most probiotic supplements are recommended to be stored in the refrigerator. The problem is when purchasing these products from retail stores where they are unrefrigerated, you will end up taking supplements that are practically useless.

Recent technologies, however, have found a solution to preserve the potency and quality of probiotics. Some probiotic supplements today are now designed with a feature that protects the micro-organisms from heat and from the harsh acidic environment of the stomach so that the supplement can safely reach its intended destination.


Having established the common problem with probiotic supplements, it is essential to ensure the product’s features and quality if you are to purchase one. That said, you may want to consider Bowtrol Probiotic. This supplement has 9 billion live probiotic cells and is formulated with ingredients including acidophilus that add beneficial bacteria to the body. One capsule of Bowtrol probiotic contains 10 billion units of lactic acid based probiotic enzymes that supports overall health.

Bowtrol replenishes good bacteria, protects against occasional digestive ailments, supports healthy immune system, helps improve lactose intolerance, restores natural digestive balance, and ensures that it delivers all those benefits because it is formulated to withstand heat and the acidic environment of the stomach. That means it does not have to be stored in the refrigerator as it will not lose its potency and quality if you keep it at room temperature. With a special coating, it delivers the live micro-organisms to its intended destination – the intestinal tract and performs its duty.

To learn more about this probiotic supplement containing acidophilus and find out what consumers are saying about it, you may refer to our full review on Bowtrol.

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